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Javoda Technology Co., Ltd.

area of 5000m2, and with a plant area of nearly 15000m2. As a professional projector manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service, the company mainly focus on LCD projector, DLP projector and portable monitor, as well as projector accessories, such as optical engine and projection screens. Meanwhile, Javoda is quite capable of providing high-quality ODM and OEM services to customers around the world.

Javoda has more than 200 employees, including independent software and hardware team. At present, the company's products have a number of international and domestic quality  certificates, such as CE, FCC, CCC, RoHS ,ect. With a strong and strict quality control team, adhere to quality first, abide by the purpose of honest management, take customer needs as the guide, and strictly control the source of quality and system construction, Javoda upholds the vision of "bringing smart home theater to you", committed to becoming a world-class enterprise smart projector enterprise.

Product production not only adopt 6S management but go through 108 production processes, and each process is strictly controlled from the source of the material to achieve standardized and systematic management. The selection of high-quality raw materials, design and manufacture of drawing schemes and advanced sealed optical-engine technology have led us an advanced position in the industry.

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